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Michigan Builders Licensing Requirements

All of our residential builder training courses are approved and meet all requirements and guidelines set forth by the State of Michigan.

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Residential Builder

A Residential Builder may build a new home from the ground up or may do any kind of repairs regulated under Article 24 of the Occupational Code.  The builder may contract for the whole job, but will have to subcontract for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) work to licensed plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors.

A Maintenance & Alteration (M&A) Contractor is licensed to perform only specific trades and services and may accept contracts only in the trade(s) or craft(s) for which he or she is licensed.  The contractor's wall license and pocket card identifies the trades for which the M&A Contractor is licensed.  The pocket card contains a letter code that represents the trade or trades in which that contractor is licensed.  The M&A trades and their equivalent letter codes are:  Carpentry (A); Concrete (B); Excavation (D); Insulation Work (G); Masonry (I); Painting & Decorating (J); Siding (K); Roofing (M); Screen & Storm Sash (N); Gutters (O); Tile & Marble (P); House Wrecking (R); Swimming Pools (S); and Basement Waterproofing (T).

Beginning June 1, 2008, an applicant for a Residential Builder or Maintenance & Alteration Contractor license must complete sixty (60) hours of approved prelicensure education prior to taking the examination or submitting a license application to the Department. 

After an applicant has completed the 60 hour prelicensure education requirement, he or she may complete the Individual Residential Builder and Maintenance & Alteration Contractor License Application.  The license application must be completed and submitted with the application fee. A copy of each official certificate(s) of completion given to you by the course provider must be attached to the license application for each course you have completed.  The certificate(s) must document sixty (60) hours of approved prelicensure courses.  A course will not be accepted without the certificate(s) attached. .

Once the State of Michigan Builders Unit receives the application, it will be reviewed to ensure that the applicant meets all licensing requirements.  The requirements for licensure include:  1) Sixty (60) hours of approved prelicensure education courses; 2) be at least 18 years of age; 3) be of good moral character; 4) submit any required documentation requested by the Department; and 5) pass the required examination. 

An applicant must meet all requirements for licensure before receiving approval by the Department to take the examination that is required to obtain a Residential Builder or Maintenance & Alteration Contractor license. 

After the applicant passes both portions of the examination, a license will be issued as an Individual Residential Builder or Individual Maintenance & Alteration Contractor.  The individual license will allow an individual to perform work as a sole proprietor, under their personal name or an assumed name from their County Clerk's Office.

Upon completion of this course, you have up to thirty-six (36) months to take the final examination to become a licensed real estate salesperson in Michigan.

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Builder Courses Available

EPA Lead Renovator Certification